Sunday, August 17, 2014

7 Year Anniversary

Ryan and I celebrated 7 years of being married on August 10!  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  Life seemed so much easier too.  We had a HUGE wedding and an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica!  To celebrate, we went out to eat and saw a movie.  Our favorite kind of date.  We saw Into the Storm and it was really good!  First we started with a big girl drink at dinner.  I don’t really drink, but I do enjoy a sweet beverage every now and then. 

We’ve had ups and downs like any marriage, but it has been a wonderful 7 years.  I can’t wait to grow old with him!  He’s my best friend!

Back in the day when we dated!

Then, on December 20 of my senior year in college, this guy proposed in the most romantic way ever.  He had a limo take me around town with my best friend on a scavenger hunt.  It was a hunt to different locations that each involved a “first” for us (where me met, first date, first kiss, first time he said “I love you”) and finally ended at a house in McKinney…our first house together.  Each hint was a poem.  A complete surprise that he bought a house for us!  I didn’t move in till after we married of course. ;)

Our Wedding day!  We married 8 months after he proposed.  I had just graduated college and was starting my student teaching a couple weeks later.

Our honeymoon…
PicMonkey Collage

4 Years later and our family expanded to 3!

And 2.5 years after that, we expanded to 4!  We need to get a new family pic..I'm lookin a little rough.
Maddox Newborn-5853

I think the best years are to come!  Our boys will only get easier and we will start having so many vacations and memories to be made.  God has blessed our family!   Love you babe!  Always on the same team!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

#oliviaeveryday2014 Week 30 & 31

What happens when you try and document a picture a day at the same time you have a baby?  You mess up on the days.  Somehow I doubled up on the number I gave a picture to and it messed up my numbers.  I’m not going back to figure out where. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Yet again, here is TWO weeks worth of a little snippet of our lives.

Day 211
Day 211: Friends came over to play.  We had 5 kids under the age of 3 years old.  But I’m glad I get to do this job with my bestie, Kristen.  These are her twins and it puts my ONE baby into perspective.  I still can’t believe you have twins!

Day 212
Day 212: Good morning peeps!  5 weeks old.

Day 213
Day 213: My toddler is crazy! Y’all, sometimes I wonder why God thought I could handle two boys.  If Beckham is any indication of what Maddox will be like, I’m in trouble.  God is really teaching me some things as a boy mom!

Day 214
Day 214: Speaking of crazy, I wanted to document this day.  This kid WILL be doing something in his future that involves his lightening speed.  I’m not even kidding how fast he is.  Ryan was jogging at his normal pace and B was still staying ahead of him.  It makes park play dates miserable since he thinks running AWAY from mommy is a game.

Day 215
Day 215: A wonderful, rare moment these days.  Ryan was at church with Beckham and Maddox was sleeping.  I’m so behind on my devotional, but it’s the one thing I really need to do every day.  I don’t start going to church until our babies are past 6 weeks, preferably 2 months when they’ve been vaccinated with the first round.  Too many hands wanting to touch him and too many germs!

Day 216
Day 216: This is why moms stay in their pj’s and don’t bother with make-up.  I’m covered in vomit.

Day 217
Day 217: It was bound to happen sometime…Beckham got peed on by baby brother.  He was shocked.

This also has been happening in our house the last couple of weeks.  First, our faucet on the kitchen sink broke.  Then as soon as we fixed that, our dishwasher started pouring out bubbles everywhere.  When it rains it pours.  We JUST finally got this fixed today after 2 weeks.  Had to buy a new dishwasher.

Just love him!

I decided to try a few push-ups since having the baby.  Of course B had to jump on!  I did 3 and about died.  And my body definitely told me to stop…I’ll spare you the details.

Checkout this comparison of the boys!  Both newborns in the same position.  I don’t really think they look alike, but we’ll see.  Look how much longer Maddox is.

Showing me how to build a tower!

I was about to change the sheets when of course this happened.  I can just hear Maddox’s little brain saying, “Oh my gosh, this boy is crazy, but I can’t wait to play with him.”

Went on our first walk to get out of the house.  It’s blistering hot here in Texas, so summers are basically indoors unless you’re in a pool.  It was nice, but we have to wait till about 8pm to beat the heat.

I love this picture because it represents my sweet hubby!  It had been a long day and he told me to leave the house and go get a drink.  20 minutes of silence was just what I needed.

WEEK 32:

Day 218
Day 218: I die every time B gets a hair cut!  He looks so darn cute in those smocks (is that how you spell it?) :)

Day 219
Day 219: The biggest change in the last 6 weeks is that I don’t ever stop anymore.  There is always something that needs to be done.

Day 220
Day 220: Mom, you are scaring me with all those voices.

Day 221
Day 221: Story of my life these days.  Blood shot eyes and pumping.  You know you pump too much when you start “hearing” words come from your pump.  Based on the comments from this picture on Instagram, I’m not alone. 

Day 222
Day 222: 7 years with this guy!  Our anniversary night.

Day 223
Day 223: I love teaching him how to cook!  I’m determined to have two boys who know how to cook for their wives.

Day 224
Day 224: Enjoying the calm, picked up living room with Maddox before the human tornado gets back.  It brings me back to the days when I just had B as a newborn.

So this happened exactly when M turned 6 weeks old.  It was the best!  Finally smiling socially!

Playing on his mat!  Wake times are getting a tad more interesting.

Trying to take a picture and I gave up…Ryan cannot take a picture with the flash to save his life.  His eyes always squint and look like someone’s torturing him.  This was the best we got.

Smiling at Beckham!

Battle wound (on his head)…Beckham was giving me high fives and missed and smacked him on the head.  Scared him to death!

Another walk while Maddox slept!  B is so good at riding his tricycle.  We are learning how to stop at each ally and wait for cars. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Life Lately – What Is Going On?

I have wanted to blog so much lately, but life is just C-R-A-Z-Y right now.  Life with 2 kiddos is very different…and I even have my husband home majority of the day to help right now.  Only one more week of that though. 

I have tons of things I want/need to blog about, but simply do not have the time.  I’m taking 10 minutes to give an update right now.  I’m pretty sure Maddox has colic which has made our nights pretty hard.  He screams inconsolably for 2-3 hours starting at either 10pm or 1am after his feeding.  It’s horrible to listen to, especially when you’re sleep deprived.  At this stage with Beckham, he was already sleeping a solid 5 hours at night and by 2 months he was sleeping from 10:30pm to 4:30am with only a little work on my end (I followed Baby Wise).  I was spoiled with B and assumed Maddox would follow suit.  Not so much.  Having a toddler makes it harder to catch up on sleep during the day.

I know this stage will pass though.  I will look back and think what a short time it was…I hope!  Needless to say it’s made my days more survival than anything.  But this sure helps…his first social smile!

My day consists of…

-Feeding Maddox, burping him, consoling him, and rocking him.

-Pumping every 3-5 hours…I exclusively pump!
photo (1)

-Cleaning…I can never catch up.  I usually only focus on the kitchen and living room.

-Making signs.  I probably shouldn’t have my shop open, but sometimes it’s my only “get away” during the day that doesn’t involve spit up or discipline.  It also helps to make money.  At my desk making signs… 

…Selling tons of teacher signs lately!


-Entertaining Beckham.  Luckily I haven’t had to do this a lot since Ryan is home, but this is the one thing I really miss.  He’s also becoming very disobedient lately too, especially to me. 

-If I cook a meal for dinner, I’m pretty much supermom!  Tonight I cooked a taco pasta dish…it was good.  Score!
photo (2)

This has got to be the thick of parenthood.  A toddler and a newborn who’s difficult.  But every parent has to do it and to be honest, I am blessed to be in this stage.  I love my boys so much!  Even when I’m covered in vomit…
…yes, I’m still in my pj’s at 2pm!

Ryan and I got out for our anniversary on Sunday…I’ll post about that soon.  It was a much needed night out!  I enjoyed one of these…and I didn’t even pump and dump.  Don’t judge. It was delicious!

Well, better go and get some rest while I can.  The next feeding is the 1am feeding!  Cross your fingers.