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Freebie Friday - FREE Encouraging Chalkboard Printable

I'm so glad it's Friday.  My Friday Funday is underway.  We plan to get donuts this morning, hit up our library, and visit the pet store for our fun activities today.  But I have something for you all today.

This is something new I'm going to start doing.  Giving away printables at least once a month.  I love making these signs for my Etsy shop and I want to share that with you guys as well!

I appreciate the love y'all give me here on my little ole blog...hopefully you guys will like these and find them useful.  Feel free to shoot out any ideas, verses, quotes, funny sayings, etc. for a free printable.

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately between home life and certain passions that are stirring in my heart.  God knows the desires of my heart and I trust he'll open doors and lead me where I NEED to be.  Isn't it awesome to have a peace about things when you trust God?  I get stressed pretty easy, but when I'm unclear about something, I think, God's going to take care of me.  If it's meant to be, He'll make it happen.

So I wanted to share this verse in the form of a cute printable.  Just click on image, save to your computer, and print at home or an office supply store. I sized it as an 8x10.  I actually think home printers work great for chalkboard backgrounds as it gives it a more rustic look, so feel free to do at home if you have a printer. 

If you do print this and use it, I'd love to see...feel free to tag me on Instagram (@snyderstellall).  Have a great weekend!

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My #1 Budgeting Tip

#1 Budgeting Tip

I’ve mentioned this here and there on my blog, but my #1 tip when it comes to budgeting deserves a post of its own.  After all, it’s the first thing I ever tell someone to do do if they are not doing it already.  At least this is what I believe is extremely beneficial in our budget, and to my surprise, not done by a lot of people.  I’ll explain how we do it below as well.

When it comes to budgeting, I think the most important thing you can do is…

Counting income on calculator


This is such a simple task, but has such HUGE results.  It’s the first step you can take, doesn’t require any money (or saving) to help your budget, and can be done RIGHT NOW, by everyone.  Some of you might already be doing this, but I’m shocked when I learn that most people don’t.  They just pay their credit/debit card bill (or the smallest amount due) at the end of the month after scanning over their statements, if even that.  Before I was married, this was how I “operated” my finances. 

In college, I got a stipend as part of my soccer scholarship.  I had about $1100 a month to live on.  I didn’t receive any money from my parents for college except $200 a month to help me pay for my car (I paid $150), so this was what I had to cover all my expenses.  This covered my apartment rent, gas, food, electricity, internet, car, and anything else I needed to live on/enjoy.

I got my first taste of budgeting during this time in college.  I had a written budget of what my bills were, but didn’t write down every expense.  I used my debit card carefully and watched my statement online.  Sure enough, one (or maybe more) of those months I over drafted my account and incurred a penalty fee.  Whoops.  When my dad saw this, he said, “Tough. You’ll have to pay the fee and hopefully you won’t do this again.”  We sat down in front of a computer and he made me go through my statement line by line and calculate what I was spending my money on.  It was then clear to me where I was spending money and that I should set a limit for certain categories and stick to it. 

Sounds so elementary, but like I mentioned, this method of budgeting is all too common.  Some people can afford to do this, but I would argue most cannot afford to “budget” this way.  If you’re tracking your expenses, it’s hard to overspend.  Plus, it shows you where you’re spending too much money or where you can save.

We use an Excel spreadsheet for our budget (this is an update since the last time I blogged about our budget…I’ll post a detailed update soon).  I won’t get into the details of our budget in this post, but basically we have our categories (Tithe, Gas, Electricity, Groceries, etc) on the left, then the budgeted amount for the month, then several empty cell boxes next to each category, and the budgeted amount on the far right with the actual amount spent right next to it (see sample below).

Since I make most of the purchases in our family, we decided I should be the one that keeps track all of our expenses on the budget.  Ryan does the bill paying and keeps track of his reffing expenses for tax purposes (I still write down any expenses he incurs on our Excel budget when I see them on our bank statement).  We both talk about important financial decisions and investments, but the daily budgeting is done by me.

Below is a sample of part of our budget in Excel.  Not sure if you can see it well, but click on the image to enlarge it.
Write Down Expense Demo

This is our actual budget as of last week (no adjustments).  Not shown is our tithe, gas, water, electricity, and car gas (and overall totals).  These are the details of how we WRITE DOWN EVERY EXPENSE in our budget.

1. First I check our bank statement online (where our credit card purchases are and our checking account for any withdrawals or checks written).  I do keep receipts for reference.  You can read how I do that HERE. 
2. Then I go line by line on our credit card statement and type in the amount spent next to that category.  For example, as you can see above, I spent $115.08 at Walmart for groceries, so I would record 115.08 next to our Groceries category.  Underneath it I like to put a W so I know I spent that at Walmart.  The Notes below each category are for anything I need to make note of regarding that purchase.  I use this on some and not on others. 
3. Once I’ve written down all the expenses thus far that month, I highlight the last expense I wrote down (should be the last line item on our statement) in yellow.  I do this so that the next day (or sometimes the next week…eek) I know where I last left off.  Trust me, this is important.  I’ve spent several minutes trying to figure out where I last documented purchases when I didn’t highlight it.  It will save you so much time.  For example, you can see that $2.48 was highlighted in the “Dining Out” category so I know to find that purchase on my credit card statement next time I need to update our budget.

IMPORTANT: If you do this once a day (I try to do it before I go to bed every night), it will take MUCH less time than if you try catching up once a week or so.  Not speaking from experience at all :)

What about websites that manage your finances for you?
There are programs online that manage your finances and these can be great!  Especially if what I mentioned above overwhelms you.  If budgeting is not easy for you, this is definitely something to look into.  One website I’ve heard great things about (and I’ve even researched) is  I’m even thinking about checking them out.  There are a few things that are keeping me from joining though…
1. We’re controlling – Doing our own budget is the most control you can get over your budget.  Plus, you’re more invested in your spending if you have to document each one.
2. Security – I’m sure they are secure as can be, but having just one more company online with our financial info is just one more way to feel less secure.
3. Categorization – This is the biggest drawback for me.  They actually have improved their site to allow you to categorize on individual purchases.  We would definitely need that with how often we go to Walmart and get things for the boys and the house on one transaction (although I try to split up my purchases at the store).  This would, in essense, be the same thing we’re doing now with our budget…which is working. 

Definitely something worth looking into though if you’re not even tracking or writing down your expenses.  I’ll keep you updated if we make the change ourselves.  Bottom line…know where every dollar goes!

I'd love to know how you keep track of your expenses.  Do you use an website to budget or do you do it the old fashion way and write it down?

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ten on Ten: April 2015

TEN photos on the 10th day of the month.  I’ve been wanting to do this link up since seeing it on Mel’s blog (The Larson Lingo) a couple of years ago.  I just kept forgetting to take pictures on the 10th.  Rebekah at A Little Bit of Sunshine When Skies Are Grey hosts this link up and I’m excited to finally be joining.  I’m hoping this is something I remember continue to do.  If you have a blog, you should join and let me know you do…I’ll check it out!

April 10th landed on a Friday.  I thought this was perfect since I recently shared how I like to spend my Fridays in this post about cleaning.  Now you can see snippets of this day in action.

Beckham requested toast and fruit for breakfast!  He sits here every morning.  Our poor chair though.


Coffee for me on my messy desk while the boys play a little.  I check orders, blogs, emails, etc.


I need to get ready so this guy jumps on my bed and entertains Maddox while I put on my make-up and get dressed in the bathroom (Maddox and I are in bathroom right next to room…he’s in high chair eating a muffin).


After rushing to put their washed car seat covers back on their seats (I totally forgot as we were about to leave), we hop in the car and head off to eat lunch with daddy! I love these boys!  Soon we’ll be in an SUV!!!  Only a couple of months left in the only car I’ve ever owned!


This guy skipped his morning nap at home, so he was out seconds after we left!  Precious!


After lunch, we headed to the library to return our books, check out more, play on the computer and play in their Family room.  Beckham and that little boy had so much fun hanging felt letters on the walls.


On our way home, I grabbed a latte.  Once home, I put Maddox down for his nap, popped a movie in for Beckham, and started my cleaning routine.


A clean kitchen and house!  Now time to go eat somewhere because I’m not messing that up!


I decided to eat a healthy meal and got catfish, okra, and squash casserole!  I’m kidding, but it was SOOO good!


I ended the night by making these coconut chocolate chip cookies

It really was a great day.  Fridays are one of my favorite days when Ryan is not reffing during basketball season!  It starts the weekend off right.  Unfortunately, Maddox got sick on Saturday and we ended up having to go the ER at 4:30am!  All is good, but that was the only place open and he was inconsolable (scary crying) from 11pm-4:30am non-stop!  Sunday he was much better and we laid low, ran some errands (M stayed home with one of us), cleaned the backyard, and  did taxes!!!  Hope you liked my first Ten on Ten.  This will be fun to look back on.

  ten on ten button

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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Groceries We Buy Week 1

One of the most frequent things I get asked is how we only spend $400 on groceries a month.  First let me say, I struggle to keep it around $400, but that’s what we budget.  Second of all, this is going to vary for each of us depending on how many people are in a family, the foods we buy, where we live, how much we cook, etc.  And third, if I could spend $800 on groceries a month, I so easily would. 

Last month someone left a comment asking to share our groceries again.  I did this a while back (you can find them under the Finance tab above) and thought I’d write a quick post showing you what we buy so you can get an idea of how we spend our money.  I’ll try to leave some random tips and any other information along the way.  In my head, I shoot for $100 a week.  The first week is usually the most I spend.

A few facts:
-We shop at Walmart
-Use the Savings Catcher to snag any deals in our area (I don’t have time these days to coupon so this app is nice…gives me money back on items that are cheaper elsewhere)
-Family of 4 (2 young kiddos)
-Include everything you would buy at a grocery store with exception to diapers.
-We eat fairly healthy, but I’ve been getting a few more convenience foods during this time of year when I’m single mommin’ it!
-My husband takes a lunch to work everyday

Those groceries above were $64.97!  I made another trip mid-week for $13.88 for 3lbs of ground turkey, bread, and deli turkey.   TOTAL GROCERIES FOR WEEK 1: $78.85

That’s really good for us, but I had a lot of food already in our pantry and freezer that I’m trying to use this week.  I do not like to cook on the weekends so that’s usually when we go out to eat.

Our MENU this week:
Breakfasts: We eat english muffins, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, pancakes, Nutrigrain bars on rushed mornings
Lunch: We eat sandwiches (chips, fruit), leftovers, or fast food like Chick-fil-a or Subway
Monday – White Chicken Pasta and salad (I went to Chick-fil-a instead this night because we were running an errand at dinnertime and Ryan was gone, so this meal will be another night).
Tuesday – Tacos (Ryan got a last minute game and was gone again, so I had an egg salad sandwich instead because I didn’t want to to cook)
Wednesday – We had Tacos
Thursday – BBQ chicken, au gratin potatoes, Brussels sprouts
Friday – White Chicken pasta
Saturday – Dinner out
Sunday – Dinner out

Hope that was interesting/helpful and I’ll share more next week.  If I buy anything between today and next week, I’ll add it to the next post.

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My Friday Funday – How I Keep A Clean House

First of all, I have to say that one of my favorite things this week was learning that one of my favorite bloggers, Ruth from Living Well Spending Less, featured my budgeting post last week!  This is a huge deal for me as I really admire Ruth and her blog!  She's so well known and written books about living well and blogging success.  Check it out here..she mentions it after her Easter favorites.

I thought for Friday Favorites I would share my new favorite way to spend Fridays.  You can see a SAMPLE DAY here.  A few of you have asked how I keep things clean around the house.  I’m always interested in other people’s cleaning routines and how they manage it all.  First of all, there is no truer saying than this…
Let me first start by saying, I’m a clean freak!  Remember when I told you I’m often compared to Monica on Friends.  I’ve been cleaning for fun since I was a little girl!  I even started a cleaning club.  I’m not even kidding.  My favorite days of the week were Fridays when I’d come home and our house would be sparkling clean, clothes all folded in our drawers, beds made, potpourri sprayed throughout the house, and dinner cooking.  My mom had off on Fridays and while all four of us kids were at school, she would clean the house.  They are some of my favorite memories as a kid…my mom and I always laugh about this.  I grew up to keep a pretty tidy house. 

Then something happened.  Something that put a wrench in my almost always perfectly clean house.

I had a baby and became a stay at home mom.  This is when cleaning became more of a chore and a never ending task.  A maid service is really expensive, so I do all the cleaning myself.  I’m VERY picky with how things are done, so I don’t hand over many tasks to Ryan as I usually find myself “tidying up” anyway.  Over the years, I have handed over a couple of things to Ryan and I’m slowly having Beckham do some chores of his own.  I want to be careful not to clean everything for my boys, so that they learn these skills when they leave our home and have an appreciation for a tidy home.  

If I’m being honest, I really wanted to wait to post this until I had the perfect cleaning routine and could share my “Tips for Keeping a Clean House.”  And then I thought, “No. That’s not real life right now, so I’m going to share how I keep it clean during this season of life.”  I wish I had a fancy schedule, printed on cute paper, securely attached inside a Home Management binder.  But let’s be real.  Fear not, this is how I keep a clean house as a BUSY mom of two boys…and a hubby who is just fine with how the house looks naturally. :)

I’m a binge cleaner.  Before kids, I cleaned the house every weekend and it worked for me.  I picked up throughout the week, but the big things like bathroom, dusting, mirrors, a good kitchen clean, etc, I’d do on Saturday or Sunday.  I tried fancy cleaning schedules, but I’d always forget or not have time and find myself cleaning all at once again.  So now I get it all done by…

Having a toddler and a crawling baby in the house, means cleaning constantly.  Toddlers are messy people.  Like innately talented at being messy.  Therefore I have to do some sort of cleaning every day.  Let me explain what I do daily and what I do on my Friday Fundays. 

Cleaning Tap

1. I clean the kitchen every night before bed – I never go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  In all honesty, I probably clean the kitchen at least two times a day, if not more.  If I clean it throughout the day, it’s much easier at night.  This includes: Cleaning countertops, wiping them down with All Purpose cleaner (or disinfecting wipes), wiping down stove, loading dishwasher and hand washing pots/pans, and sweeping the floors. 

2. I vacuum daily – We have white carpet.  Need I say more?  Every now and then I skip a day, but I love having a clean floor at the end of the day especially.  This applies mainly to the living room.  I vacuum the other rooms at least once a week or as needed.

3.  I pick up the house all day long – I pick up different rooms throughout the day.  The rooms I neglect most often are the playroom and our master bedroom.  I’ve found that if I pick up small things while I’m around the house with the boys, it’s so much easier to manage. 

4. I make our bed every day – I usually do this after I’ve fed the boys breakfast or during Maddox’s morning nap.  Takes just a couple of minutes and instantly cleans up the room.  One of the easiest things to do to tidy up a room quickly.

5. I’m usually doing laundry on a daily basis – I find myself doing laundry almost every day, but I prefer to binge wash clothes.  I’m washing the boys clothes 2-3 times a week and everything else as needed (usually in 1-2 days). 

6. I try to keep counter tops and tables clean – Our bar area in our kitchen is the worst, but I find when it’s not clean, it makes the kitchen look messy, even if it’s not. 

Things to note about my daily cleaning:

*I like to have a clean, calm house when Ryan gets home.  So I shoot to get the house clean by 4:30pm or so.  Maddox takes an afternoon nap, so I can usually do some good cleaning during that time if the house is messy.  Beckham will either “help” me or play in his playroom.  I’ve found a timer is very helpful with him…and a very enthusiastic mom who talks it up as a competition.

*If I’m going to let Beckham watch TV, it’s usually going to be during one of Maddox’s naps so I can pick up if needed.  I use this as a threat incentive to get him to pick up some of his toys or help me in anyway.  “Do you wanna watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Beckham?  Okay then you need to pick up your Legos?”  He’ll usually do anything to watch a show.  And like I mentioned, the timer is really starting to come in handy.  Maybe it’s a boy thing, but he likes trying to beat the timer.  He picked up the living room for me tonight while I timed him.  He tells me how long to set it and I set it for how long I think is good (usually 1 minute right now even if he tells me 5 minutes).  I break up his tasks too if 1 minute isn’t long enough. 

*I try to get out of the house at least once a day.  It’s harder to keep a clean house when you’re home all day with kids.  I’ve found it helpful to get out of the house to not only give B a change of pace, but to keep our house clean.  It’s hard to get out right now with Maddox having two naps, but we’ll either go somewhere during lunch time or after his afternoon nap (even if just a walk around the block).  I’m almost looking forward to when he drops his morning nap so we can schedule things in the morning.  I’ll share some things I like to do out of the house in a later post.    

*I probably spend 1-2 hours a day doing these daily chores, depending on how messy the house is or if someone is coming over.  This includes cleaning pump parts right now, which usually leads to cleaning the dishes. 

*Random cleaning tasks are accomplished when I’m picking up around the house too.  For example, I was cleaning the kitchen last night and put something away in the pantry.  I noticed the pantry looked cluttered and full of items we haven’t used in months.  So I organized my pantry.   

*After realizing I couldn’t do it all, Ryan helps me by unloading the dishwasher (my least favorite chore), dusting every now and then, and cleaning the carpets (I hate this too).  After dinner, he’ll take the boys on a walk or give them a bath so I can clean the kitchen.  During basketball season when he’s gone, it’s much more stressful!  I have found though that he is willing to help if I just ask.  He's not going to think to clean the dishes, but if I ask him, he'll help me.

*There are definitely days these things don’t get done.  This is just what I find myself doing on most days.

I love Fridays for many reasons, but here’s why I really love it.  I do some deep cleaning on Fridays and don’t cook dinner, which is a cleaning bonus!  Here’s how we do my favorite day of the week.

1. Have a relaxing morning at home.  Sometimes we go for donuts if we’re out of our pj’s.  Maddox goes down for a morning nap, I get ready for the day, and B watches a show.

2. We go somewhere really fun for Beckham…somewhere OUT of the house!  We sometimes do the library, eat lunch with daddy, go to the mall (they have trains, Legos, a carousal, indoor play area, and the Disney store), have a play date somewhere, or go to a play place that usually costs money (Play Street, Jump House, etc).  It’s usually in between Maddox’s naps which is during lunch time, so we grab a bite or I take his lunch in the car with us.

3. On the way home, I grab a coffee or Sonic drink (something to fuel me).  Once we’re home, I put Maddox down for his afternoon nap.  I let B choose a movie to watch (this is a big deal to him and we talk it up all day).  And then I open the blinds in my house and get busy cleaning.  Here’s what I usually do during that time:

-Pick up stuff around the house and take it to where it belongs
-Mop (every other week in reality and it’s usually the kitchen that gets done the most)
-Pick up Master bedroom (make bed, clear all dresser tops, put clothes up, clean closet, etc)
-Clean Bathrooms (wipe counters, clean mirrors, wipe toilets).  I clean bathtubs/showers about once a month
-Vacuum every room
-Clean Playroom, including vacuuming
-Clean my desk area and remove clutter
-Laundry – my goal is to clear all laundry baskets by the end of the day

Bathroom clean
Our bathroom.  I turn on the Scentsy when I’m finished cleaning.

Kitchen clean
Kitchen sink.  Unfortunately, the bottles and pump parts are an eye sore for a couple more months.

Kitchen table clean
Breakfast table.  This is where B colors and does crafts so it can get messy.

Living room clean 2
Living Room.  Beckham’s movie playing in the background.

Living room clean
Living Room, other side.  And those toys are an eye sore for a couple more months also.

*Basically, I go through every room in the house and make sure it’s clean.  We live in a 2000 sq. foot house if you’re wondering.  This whole cleaning process takes a couple of hours, if not less.  Just depends on how it starts.  I like to note what time I started to see how long it takes me to finish. 

4. Once I’m done cleaning, I light some candles and enjoy a clean house.  Usually Maddox wakes up towards the end of this and after he’s fed, I finish up the rest while he’s playing on the floor.  If it’s a day he doesn’t take the greatest nap, then I just don’t get as much done.  Such is life.  

5. Once Ryan gets home, we go out to eat!  I have a super clean home and no dishes to do after dinner!  Amen, right?!  It’s a great way to start the weekend.

So there you have it.  How I GENERALLY keep my house clean.  I do have a few really helpful Routine sheets for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly tasks to be done around the house (as well as appointments, check-ups, and maintenance).  I don’t use them as well as I should right now, but I plan to use them more often.  I’ll share these as well when I do.

I would love to know how you keep your house clean or any tips you have for keeping it more scheduled. 

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

We had a fun weekend.  And it started on Friday!  We went to a trampoline park with one of my good friends and her daughter.  Beckham jumped till he was worn out.  On our way home, we headed by Sonic to grab an ice cream cone and myself a drink.  I’m trying a new cleaning method.  I’m kind of a binge cleaner and like to do it all on one day (the major stuff like bathrooms and such).  So, I’ve decided to do something super fun with Beckham (and Maddox, although he’s kind of along for the ride right now) every Friday after Maddox’s morning nap.  Then come home in time for Maddox to take his afternoon nap.  Once he’s down, I pop a movie in for Beckham (his choice) and clean for as long as Maddox is asleep (usually 2 hours)!  I open the blinds, let the sun come in and clean, clean, clean.  I plan on writing a post about how I keep things clean (well at least try to).  I’m a clean freak, so even if I’m really busy, I WILL clean! 

My clean living room.  Probably the thing that keeps me at peace the most is a clean house.

The boys were happy that daddy was home!  It’s crazy how much more hyper Beckham becomes when Ryan walks in the door.

We ate Mexican Friday night!  I love eating out so a clean house and someone serving ME…I was a happy girl!  I love this picture because I’m pretty sure any parent with young kids can appreciate this photo.  You know you’re dining out with a baby when half of the table looks like this.  Can you tell where the baby was sitting?

Yep, to my left!  Give me food, mom!

Saturday morning, Ryan took B to Home Depot to try their Kid’s Workshop!  This was his first time and it was great!  It’s FREE, so if you have a Home Depot near you, you should try it.  It was a special day for Easter so they had the Easter bunny (he refused to get a picture with him…no surprise), cotton candy (he didn’t like it…big surprise), and a bounce house.  They built a bird feeder with a chalkboard sign.  He got to paint it and everything!  Maddox went down for his nap shortly after they left, so I was able to get some things done at the house.

Afterwards, Beckham and I decided to go see a movie…Paddington.  We were going to see Big Hero 6, but I showed him the two previews beforehand and he chose Paddington.  We went to the dollar theater just in case he didn’t like the movie…no way I’m spending $16.00-20.00 on tickets if he didn’t like it.  We used our refillable tub (and drink) so he was super excited to have popcorn!  We go to the movies a lot and bought this tub and drink cup and can refill it for $3.50 each throughout 2015.  We always get popcorn and a drink so this was a great deal.  I cannot resist the smell of that popcorn when you walk in :)

Well, it’s a good thing we were at the dollar theater…10 minutes in and he wanted to leave.  I made him stay longer to see if he would like it.  After about 45 minutes, he was still asking to leave, so we headed out.  I didn’t feel bad because we only wasted $2.50…he demolished the popcorn so no money wasted there.

We ran some errands after the “movie” and stopped in Starbucks for a cookie treat and drink after reading some books at the bookstore.  It was such a fun little date day with my oldest!

We had our Easter service on Saturday night so we got dressed up and headed to church.  We forgot to have someone take our picture inside church so I snapped these before we left.  Maddox was super cute and the workers said he was so much fun in “class”…this was a big deal since it was his bed time. 

That night we planted some Easter seeds (jelly beans) and hoped the Easter bunny would come and make them grow into lollipops the next day.

Beckham’s Easter basket.  All Dollar Tree items!

I made a special breakfast (bacon not shown) :) and while we were sitting down, we saw a BUNNY in our yard…actually there were TWO.  It was the perfect thing to see on Easter morning.

We headed to Ryan’s side of the family for a super yummy lunch and an Easter egg hunt.  Isn’t it so much fun to watch your kids get so excited on holidays?!

Afterwards, we headed to my side of the family for more Easter and 3 birthday celebrations!  The kids did a hunt indoors since it was a little chilly and rainy.  We were celebrating my older sister’s 33rd birthday, my niece’s 16th birthday, and my sister-in-law’s 28th birthday.


Since we forgot to check on the lollipop flowers earlier in the morning, we checked them when we got home.  Sure enough, the jelly beans turned into lollipops (tootsie pops since he can’t chew gum).

It was a great weekend and I’m ready to start the week!  We have so many things on our to-do list to get our backyard rolling for the great weather we’ve been having!  And we need to make a decision on a car…such a tough choice.  Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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