Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014 and #oliviaeveryday2014 Week 16

We had a busy Easter weekend.  Both our families live close so we have lots of get togethers for special occasions.  April has 3 birthdays as well, which we celebrated this weekend too. 

First we had Easter/Birthdays at my parents house.  After brunch, the kids opened checked out their Easter basket and then did an egg hunt!  Beckham opens each egg as he hunts for them to make sure there is something in it.  He had a blast hunting.


Birthday fun!  Can you tell he really likes cake?

Saturday night, Ryan went to the Rangers game, so it was just Beckham and I hanging out!  A much needed bath.
Day 109

On Sunday, we went to church for Easter service.  Can’t believe I didn’t get a family picture, but here is our little one.

Then we headed to Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  Despite these pictures, Beckham was pretty disobedient.  Nonetheless, here he is giving me his new “funny” look, trying to open a peanut shell, and checking out the drink menu.

After lunch, we went home to rest before we went to Ryan’s parents house for Easter.  The boys took naps, while I did some things.  We were planning on taking pictures after dinner, so I worked like a maniac trying to get everything we needed to change clothes (put on make-up and do hair for me) and anything we would need for the pictures.

We had hamburgers at my in-laws and Beckham got to do another egg hunt and open another Easter basket. 


It was a great Easter weekend…until we pulled up to the park and it started raining.  I was so stinkin’ mad!  I spent hours picking out our outfits, packing things up, doing my make-up and hair, and the overall planning of getting the fam ready for family/maternity pictures.  We were bummed.

This is what we kind of looked like before our photo session was rained out.  I ended up changing our color scheme/outfits for our reschedule.  Beckham had on red converse shoes that you can’t see (I had on red boots too).  Pretty cute.  We ended up going blue and orange.  I’ll post the pics as soon as they’re edited.  *We couldn’t get B to smile.

Easter fam

Here is a sneak peak (these are ghetto unedited phone pics off my brother’s camera).  And fyi, B was horrible for the photo shoot.  To his defense, bugs were attacking us.

And here is our Easter basket for Beckham.  Not sure why I even got him one.  And to keep it real…he just opened it yesterday :)  We were in a rush Sunday morning and I forgot.  All of these items are from the Dollar store (some cheaper than $1), so it was a very inexpensive basket.  I already had eggs and just filled a couple with a piece of candy.

#oliviaeveryday2014 Week 16 Pictures:

Day 106
Day 106: Kisses! #ibribedhim #withchocolate

Day 107
Day 107: I want them ALL!  I refrained, but then bought some earrings instead.  And some maternity shirts.  Already had the red and beige…

Day 108
Day 108: Tackling the day in my little red shoes!

Day 109
Day 109: Big BROWN eyes.  His eyes are so dark.  I’m assuming they will lighten up to my color as he grows.

Day 110
Day 110: Happy Easter!

Day 111
Day 111: On Monday, I had to run an errand in a shopping village nearby.  We walked to the popcorn shop and Beckham wanted pink popcorn.  He also told me to “sit down and eap.”  He is serious about his popcorn!

Day 112
Day 112: Maternity pictures sneak peek (as you saw above). My brother did an amazing job, considering I’m super self-conscious about my look right now.  Can’t wait to see them.  I should have done them before I started swelling, but I didn’t swell this early with B.  Memories :)

A few more from the week (other than Easter):

S’mores cupcakes.  I made up the recipe and totally FAILED!  But I am going to re-do the correct way and share the recipe so stay tuned.

I found this selfie on my phone after we went shopping.  I love that he captured the “Mr. Independent” t-shirt in the background.  That he is!

Sunday morning getting donuts!  I love his sweet face!

I made this sign for our shoot and wanted to make sure the text would show in the photo, so I snapped this beforehand.  I love how it turned out…he looks like he’s excited to get a brother.

Whew, on to a new week! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnancy #2 Update

30 Weeks! Whew!  Time really is flying right now.  It’s so busy around here and I know I’m about to look up and have 2 kids!  No name yet and no nursery progress.  We’re getting maternity pictures today since we had to reschedule.  So hopefully I’ll have a few to post soon.  In a nutshell, I’m gaining like crazy (hence the swelling in my face and every other inch of my body), tired (see my eyes), and have to be sitting straight up to breathe.  Luckily, Beckham is at a stage where he can grab things for me :)  I feel so lazy and ready to really get fit!

30 weeks

How far along?  30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss?  23 pounds total (2 pounds this week)…wha???
How big is baby?  Size of a cucumber.  His movements have actually hurt lately.  Thankful for a normal size head.      
Stretch marks?  No.
Sleep?  Waking once to pee.  Still tired all the time!!!  I feel like this extra weight really drags me down!    
Fitness?  Nope!  Although running around to get Beckham really wears me out.  He thinks “Come here Beckham” is a game.  He runs away every time.  Little stinker.  Carrying him around is a workout too (30+ pounds).     
Best moment this week?  Watching him move around.  And when Beckham “talks” to him.  He says he’s going to tell him about the Bible. :) 
Miss anything? Putting my socks and shoes on without having to hold my breath.  And walking around without having to feel like I have to pee.     
Food cravings?  I’m pretty sure this entire pregnancy I’ve been addicted to toasted english muffins with peanut butter!  I try to eat other things in the morning, but I can’t.  I would eat it for lunch too.  Loving fruit!  And let’s just say, I really hope caffeine doesn’t have a negative effect on babies…I have at least one cup a day. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  No. 
Current Symptoms? Braxton Hicks contractions, leg cramping, getting harder to breathe (I feel like he’s up in my chest), back has been hurting a little this week. 
Belly button in or out? Pretty much out, but not too bad.  
Wedding rings on or off? Actually on for maternity pictures…hoping I can take them back off. 
Mood?  Emotional!

30 weeks with B
30 weeks mirror

I really am getting excited to meet this little dude.  I think I’ve been concentrating on all the “crazy” things that having two kids will bring, that I haven’t thought about how exciting it’s going to be to have another baby!  I’m grateful God has blessed me with 2 of his little children!  I pray I make Him proud!

30 Weeks with Pregnancy #1

And a collage from Week 22-30:

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday

We have a busy weekend ahead with birthdays, Easter, and maternity pictures with my brother, Logan!  It will be a fun weekend!  Here’s 5 things on Friday.

{ONE}: Earrings
This makes me really happy!  I’m not a fashionista by any means, but there are a few things that make me really  happy when it comes to fashion.  This is my #2 – EARRINGS!  You could probably guess my #1 (nail polish).  I’ve really wanted some Stella & Dot earrings, but they’re just too pricey for my liking.  So I did a little research and found that Target carries similar ones for a fraction of the price!  These each were $7.99.  I ALWAYS have on earrings and these are so fun!

I initially went to Target to exchange a pair of shoes I got a while back for a bigger size.  When I went to grab the new pair, I had to really practice some self-control!  I wanted of these.  I already have the nude ones and was there for the red.  See me in my red shoes below.

{THREE}: Spring
I LOVE Spring.  These flowers are by our mailbox and I’m obsessed with them every Spring when they bloom!  They only last 1-2 months and then the flowers are gone during our ridiculously hot summer!

{FOUR}: Labeling Eggs
Yes, I said labeling eggs.  This is random, but thought it was good timing for Easter.  I may have already posted about this, but this is how I mark the eggs that are hard boiled.  Once we buy eggs, I tear the top off the carton and store them inside.  If I boil any, I put them back inside but put a smiley face on them so I know which is which.  I use a Sharpie.

{FIVE}: Easter
Last, but certainly not least, THE most important “holiday” for Christians.  The reason for it ALL.  Jesus was beaten and put through the worst death for YOU and me!  But 3 days later, he ROSE FROM THE DEAD and will return soon to take his followers!  The competitive side of me wants to go back in time and jump in front of the persecutors of Jesus and say, “Really, you thought you could keep Jesus down?!”  Probably not the most loving action tough. :)  I am so thankful He saved me years ago and leads me in this life.  I am lost without Him!
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