Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maddox Newborn Photos

My brother, Logan, took our newborn photos for Maddox.  Maddox was super awake and hard to “position” for a lot of the poses I wanted.  And then there was the toddler :)  I can already see future pictures with these two…chaos.  He did a great job capturing our precious newbie and the beautiful mess that is our family right now.  I’m still in awe that God blessed me with a God-fearing husband and then topped it off with two precious boys!  I feel like our family is complete, but we’ll see what God has planned.  Here is our Maddox Cade!

Maddox Newborn-5687 B&WMaddox Newborn-5687Maddox Newborn-5697Maddox Newborn-5714Maddox Newborn-5730Maddox Newborn-5765Maddox Newborn-5777Maddox Newborn-5853Maddox Newborn-5856Maddox Newborn-5861Maddox Newborn-5864Maddox Newborn-5865Maddox Newborn-5878Maddox Newborn-5888

Don’t you just love Beckham in those family pics?  What a ham!  Thank you Logan for capturing this stage.  If you are local, Logan is the nicest photographer to work with…and I’m not just saying that because he’s my brother!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maddox Cade–1 Month

For those of you that are fairly new, I wrote a letter to Beckham each month for the first year of his life.  I intend to do the same for Maddox with the same outline.  You can see all of Beckham’s letters HERE.

Dear Maddox,
You have survived your first month!  Better yet, WE have survived the first month.  It’s always the hardest getting adjusted and working out tons of kinks.  It’s been a LONG month.  I can only compare you to your older brother because that’s all I know about babies.  I do not think you two look alike much at all.  So excited to see how you develop.  You both are pretty comparable with schedules, sleeping, and eating.  I think you are fussier and are taking longer to sleep at night, but I also think I might have forgotten the first couple of months with Beckham.  You definitely like to be held more and will sleep somewhere other than my arms if you go down asleep.  The best wake time you have is when you are in the playroom with Beckham.  You just “stare at him” while he entertains you.

This is how I feel this I'm I functioning and why won't this BabyWise stuff work?

Measurements: At your 2 week appointment you were 9 pounds 2 oz. (75%), 22 inches (98%), and 15 inches head circumference (98%).  A large baby!  At 1 month, you weigh 12 pounds (based on our scales).  You are a big baby! 

My favorite thing:  I’m not gonna lie, this stage is by far my least favorite (no sleep=cranky mama), but there are still so many things I love.  My top thing has to be when you fall asleep on my shoulder.  It’s so peaceful.  I also LOVE watching you smile in your sleep. I can’t wait till it’s the real thing and you’re smiling AT me.

Daily Activities: You day consists of eating, “playing”, and sleeping.  Your wake time is basically sitting in my lap “talking”, sitting in bouncer watching brother play, tummy time on your boppy (we JUST started that), laying on your play mat looking at toys (you don’t like that), or chasing your brother as your dad holds you. 

Eating: Whew!  This has been a roller coaster.  It started off nursing well in the hospital, but when my milk came in, that was a bust.  I alternated with giving you a bottle of breast milk (2.5oz) and nursing.  You were/are not a good nurser.  You take so little and want to eat soon after, which really breaks up your schedule (and wears me out).  You kept fussing shortly after bottles (around 2 weeks), so I increased your amount to 3 ounces.  About a week after that, you seemed like you still wanted more, so I slowly increased it to 4 oz.  I thought it was a bit much, but you were so much more content with feedings and never spit it up.  I had to tell myself you were much bigger than Beckham when you were born, so naturally you will eat more.  4 ounces seems to be the magic number right now.  Every now and then you will take 1 oz more in the morning.  You eat about 7-8 times a day (every 3 hours).  Every now and then you will go a 4 hour stretch at night.

Sleeping: Our schedule right now is basically eat, play, and then sleep about 1-1.5 hours later.  So if you eat at 1pm, you will take a nap at 2:00 usually.  We are still working on making this a schedule.  You love to stay wide awake after your first morning feeding around 7am.  It’s very hard to get you to take a nap after that and will then eat 3 hours later.  Life will be so much better once we all get more sleep.  So c’mon buddy! 

Special Events:
-Umbilical cord and circumcision ring both came off at 2 weeks…so glad…I hate those things.
-First real bath at 2 weeks.  You were not a fan, but like it now until I pull you out.
-First practice with tummy time at 1 month.  Surprisingly you were pretty good at it. 
-First grocery trip with mommy and brother at 1 month.  We all survived and you slept the whole time.  Thank you!


Here is a comparison of you and your brother at 1 month.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

#oliviaeveryday2014 Weeks 28 & 29

Well, I’m behind 2 weeks again, almost 3, so here is two weeks worth of Olivia Everyday pictures from Instagram. (@olivia_snyderstellall)  

Day 190
Day 190: My little man is not so little.  75% for weight, 98% for length, and 98% for head size.  He’s back up to his birth weight which means this is how big he was when he was born.  Holy Moly!

Day 191
Day 191: So happy to not have swollen hands, feet, and cheeks anymore.  I have been waiting months for this day. 

Day 192
Day 192: Big brother is on a “mini vacation” with cousins at Mimo and Poppy’s!  They have been watching him a lot lately (as well as my mother in law) and it’s been great to be able to focus on Maddox, even though I miss him tons.

Day 193
Day 193: Despite the fact that I want to use my Clarisonic on his baby acne, he still has a cute smile.  :)

Day 194
Day 194: Long fingers!

Day 195
Day 195: Both boys napping and my first cup of joe at home since having the baby!  Budgeting and doing taxes (for business).  It was so peaceful!

Day 196
Day 196: Potty training.  Just fyi, this lasted a total of 1 day.  What was I thinking?  He’ll go pee on the potty every once in a while on his own, but we’re far from trained!

Day 197
Day 197: First outing with both boys by myself!  #isurvived

A few other pics from Week 28:
I love sweet baby smiles when they’re sleeping.

I was a hot mess, but I had Starbucks, a cuddly baby, and a happy toddler at Mimo’s.

Swimming at Mimo and Poppy’s!

He asks to hold “baby brubber” every day!  And then says “I’m done” 2 seconds later.

I sit in this rocking chair facing his playroom for a large portion of the day and I never know what he’s going to come out of there with or how he entertains himself.  I’m lucky he’s at an age where he’s able to entertain himself at least for a little while.

This is my life right now!  Breastfeeding and pumping.  I’m pretty sure I would have been a wet nurse back in the day.  This picture was taken at 2 weeks postpartum.  I’m already counting down the months till I’m done.  My goal is 1 year…11 months to go. 

Umm dude, that’s not for you.

Whatever, as long as you are happy!

WEEK 29:
Day 198
Day 198: Sitting at my desk trying to get work done.  Such a mama’s boy.  He’s a little better now, but this was the only way he would sleep for a while.

Day 199
Day 199: This kid is chunking up fast!  #allhedoesiseat #wearsmeout

Day 200
Day 200: So glad my parents live close!  Helping me take care of Maddox and myself while B was at his cousin’s house.  I got mastitis last week and pretty much felt like I was dying.  I had a 102 temp, flu like symptoms, and couldn’t open my eyes because my head hurt so bad.  My parents are extremely selfless!

Day 201
Day 201: This 3.5 week old is wearing 3 month onesies! 

Day 202
Day 202: Love him!  We made brownies.

Day 203
Day 203: Having fun in the sprinklers!  It’s taken him almost all summer to warm up to the idea of water touching his eyes.

Day 204
Day 204: This mama is enforcing some major Baby Wise today.  I followed the book’s guidelines with B and he slept through the night early on.  Maddox is HORRIBLE at night and I simply cannot function without sleep.  When you have another kid to take care of, you can’t really catch up on sleep during the day.  I’m probably averaging 4-6 hours of interrupted sleep per night.  People keep asking me why I don’t like the newborn stage…this is reason number one right here!

More pics from Week 29:
Our sweet friends came over for dinner!  Party of 5!

He started climbing this tree all my himself and got pretty high.  Such a boy.

This kid LOVES to be swaddled. 

Cousin Tenley swinging with B! 

Playing in the water.  I’m pretty sure B is trying to take the water from Tenley.  These two play and fight like siblings.

Two rare things about this picture…unpolished nails and Maddox was asleep.

Even though I’m not a fan of this stage, this sure is CUTE.  The pros of newborns right here.