Thursday, October 30, 2014

4 Months – Maddox Cade

4 months
Big man wasn’t in the greatest moods, but I had to get photos done

Dear Maddox,
Things are finally getting a little more normal.  Your fussiness has subsided a bit this month and you are starting to become interested in things and react when you’re happy…or not.  You have plagiocephaly and torticollis so you were prescribed a DOC band (helmet) to help reshape your flat head.  Luckily, we caught it super early (thanks to a cold and having to go to the doctor at 3 months), so you don’t have to wear it very long…hopefully.  This has thrown a wrench in your sleep!  Ugh…a big wrench.  Otherwise, you don’t seem to mind it at all.  All in all, I’m super pumped we’ve hit the 4 month mark…things are about to get fun!!!  Oh and you started rolling over from back to stomach about a week ago.  I’d normally be happy, but you still have a difficult time lifting your head up, so it’s kind of scary if I’m not right there, plus you get really mad.  You have laughed a lot more lately, are super entertained by your brother…you really love watching him, and thoroughly enjoy sucking on your hands!

3 4 month compare
beck madd compare

Measurements: You had your 4 month well visit a couple days ago and are 17 pounds 14 ounces (95%), 26 1/2 inches (98%), with a large head (95%).  I’m shocked at your length.  No tall folks in this family so I’m assuming this will taper off at some point.  You are flying through clothes.  You’re barely in 3-6 month onesies and also wear 6-9 month footed pj’s.  You’re still in the “rocking baby” stage, but it looks more like we’re rocking a 1 year old.

My favorite thing:  Your laugh!  It makes me laugh so much!  You also try “spitting with your tongue” back at me and it’s great! 
Daily Activities: Eat, play, sleep basically.  You’re only up about an hour in the morning before you go back to sleep for your first nap.  We usually go somewhere in the morning, whether it’s to drop your brother off at preschool or out for a play date or activity.  In between feedings and naps, you like to play under your mat, watch your brother, play in your exersaucer (you just started this), and sit in your Bumbo and watch me cook.  You like being outside and are just now starting to play with toys (grabbing at them).

Eating: You eat about every 3-4 hours.  About 4-6 ounces per feeding.  First feeding is around 7:30-8 and your last feeding is around 8, then we put your down for the night.  You sometimes wake up at 11ish to eat again, but sometimes not.  From 8-11 is still up in the air…one night you go down so easily and wake up for a quick feed to go back down without a peep until 7ish.  Then some nights we spend 3 hours trying to get you to sleep!  ???  You still drink breast milk only from a bottle.

Sleeping: Night time sleep = good.  Day time sleep = inconsistent.  Once you started nearing the 4 month mark, I started researching some schedules as I was at wits end with your nights.  I noticed many did bath and bed at 7ish and then did a dream feed around 10.  I noticed you were really fussy in the evenings and thought, “I bet he’s super tired.”  So I tried the same thing.  Doing bath around 7:30 (with brother) and give you a bottle, then put you down for the night.  I was shocked the first night…I gave you a bath around 6:45 (because you were super fussy), gave you a bottle at 7:30, you fell asleep, put your in your bed around 7:45 and you didn’t budge until 10:30.  Gave you a bottle and put you right back down.  I was in Heaven and got a million things done (after your brother went down of course). Most nights haven’t been that easy, but for the most part it works!  Once you’re down around 10:30/11, you sleep till 7:00/8:00.  Some days, I even have to wake you up. 
The helmet threw things off just as we established this routine.  You’ve had it on for a week now, but still have trouble falling asleep on your own.  I don’t blame you…who would want to sleep with a hard helmet on?!  You like to fall asleep with your hands in your face (right above your eyes), but the helmet restricts you from doing that, so the first couple of days, you were MAD!  I was about to rip the thing off and burn it!  I knew you’d get used to it, but that was a frustrating few days/nights.  Sometimes we have to get you to sleep without it on and then slip it on before we lay you down.  It’s a two man job.

Special Events:
-Rolled over right before you turned 4 months.
-Got a helmet right before 4 months.
Check out your progression of tummy time from last month to this month…
PicMonkey Collage


Love you chunky monkey!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#oliviaeveryday2014 Week 43

This was a busy week, a trying week, a week of perspective.  I’m looking forward to saying NO and diving into my kids more!

Day 288: Mean muggin’ it! 

Day 289: A successful tummy time!  His best yet!

Day 290: I LOVED this moment.  We were running around like crazy on Friday, getting ready for my Fall festival gig the next day and we stopped at Chick-fil-a (M in his car seat asleep).  When it’s just B and I eating lunch here, he will eat his entire lunch BEFORE he plays.  I give him the option to go play if he wants, but he sat here so good and we just chatted!

Day 291: On Saturday, I took some signs to my high school’s Fall Festival to sell/showcase.  My mom is a Kindergarten teacher there and she stayed with me the whole time and we chatted for hours at my booth!  Y'all she is "the man" around there...everyone loves her!  Not surprising.  It was the chillest day!  I knew so many people there and met new people as well.  I didn’t sell near as many as I thought I might…there just wasn’t a whole lot of people there compared to last year.  It was a good experience though and I did get a couple emails already for custom orders.  Ryan was home with BOTH boys and I didn’t have to change one diaper or hear one cry.  I was nervous for Ryan, but when I got back home (I was gone 8 hours), he said it was “fine” and “they must have had a good day.”  I kind of wanted to kick him in the knees for having such an “easy” day, but I was thankful the boys were good for him…kind of!  Haha, just kidding. 

Day 292: On Sunday, we went over to some friends house for the Cowboys game!  How bout them Cowboys!  6-1 record so far.  I bought these little jerseys at Albertson’s.  They only had a 12 month onesie for Maddox, so I figured he would be able to wear it all season.  Holy moly, that thing is kind of tight on him!  This kid is huge!

Day 293: My cute lunch date on Monday!  I wait till after Maddox’s nap to grocery shop on Mondays if I haven’t gone on the weekend.  So we hit up McAlister's before our grocery run since it was lunch time!  Sweet Maddox slept the entire time.  B was happy because he got juice in a big cup.  This grandma (sitting with that man behind B) came up to me a few minutes after we got there and said “you’re such a sweet mom.”   It was just what I needed to hear that day.

Day 294: This is me every night…hair up, make-up wearing off, shirt covered in slobber or vomit or both, at my computer working, praying both boys stay asleep and telling myself “I’ll go to bed earlier tonight” and never do.  Every time I want to feel sorry for myself, I think of the Proverbs 31 woman who is a “hard worker, always busy looking after her family’s needs, knows the value of her work and works late into the night.”  It encourages me. 

On Wednesday, the trash man comes.  Beckham’s favorite time of day!  He’s peeking out the window to watch him.

We went to the store later that evening and Beckham pushed his first cart ever!  Y’all he was so proud.  You could tell he thought he was big stuff and he acted like he was 20!  It was adorable.  I only got run over 36 times and only 3 people had to dodge him. Lol.

Working late on Wednesday, but I’m obsessed with my new Family Rules sign.

Everyday after pre-school, he HAS to go to the side of the entrance and scream into this pipe.  He cracks himself up every time.

Target!  Looking at some décor for B’s room!

Friday was crazy…I love Starbucks!  I just do!

Things got crazy on Friday night…you can read my Mom Honesty post HERE.

Saturday was Fall festival time…oh you know just pumping before it started in my mom’s classroom!  8 months to go!

Get home to give this little one a bath!  So precious!

Maddox had a weird morning and woke up at 6:45am.  He was napping when we needed to leave for church and would have needed to eat soon after church started.  We just moved into a facility that does not have a family room so I decided to stay home with M, while Ryan and Beckham went to church.  I read my devotional and drank coffee while he napped.  This is by far my favorite thing to do these days.

Later that day, we were getting ready to leave for our friends house when Maddox had a blowout all down his leg and onto the pillow he was standing on in his exersaucer.  It was disgusting so we had to do a bath.

These are friends we used to watch the games with before any of us had kids.  We used to eat dinner in actual seats, watch the game, and talk to each other.  Now, 7 kids later, we make cupcakes with kids while the game is on inside the house (where the husbands are). 

On Monday, I was trying to get a good photo of the boys in their “brother” shirts…I can tell this photo stuff is going to be hard to synchronize them. 

We opted for this so Maddox would look at the camera.

I’m trying something new with M’s schedule so hopefully his 4 month update (what?!) will have some good comments about his sleep!  So far, he’s doing well tonight.  Have a great week!  Pumpkin patches and low key things for our week ahead!