Tuesday, February 24, 2015

30 of my Loves

On my last two birthdays, I have posted facts about myself on my 28th and 29th birthday.  This year I decided to simply write 30 things I love.  Maybe you’ll learn a few more things about myself.

PicMonkey Collage

1. Coffee – It’s an experience for me.  My favorite is Sticky English Toffee from a fundraiser at my parent’s church and Starbucks of course.
2. Nail polish – Duh.  I’m obsessed.  Sinful colors is my favorite and super affordable.  And red is my favorite color.
3. Reading faith based books.  One day, I’ll make a reading corner just for me somewhere in our house.
4. Michael Buble.
5. Social Media.
6. Pancakes from a restaurant.
7. Fuzzy socks.
8. Fast food – I know…so bad.
9. Coffee mugs.
10. Words of affirmation – my love language (receiving).
11. Organization.
12. A clean house – I’m not sure there is a better feeling.
13. Fonts.
14. Candles.
15. Pedicures.
16. Fall – Such a relief from the Texas summers.
17. My engagement ring.
18. Pizza – Love is actually an understatement.
19. My kid’s laughter.
20. Juicy Fruit gum – It reminds me of my grandpa (he always had a drawer full of it).
21. Simplicity – I do not thrive on busyness.
22. My Life Planner.
23. A movie and dinner with my hubby.
24. Cookie cake.
25. Blogs – Primarily about organization, frugality, and other moms similar to myself.
26. Home décor – I know it’s material things, but I believe the way you decorate your home can truly welcome someone in.  I lean towards the dark, handsome décor, but Pinterest has converted me to clean gray and white.
27. Chapstick.  I cannot go a day few hours without it.
28. Earrings.
29. Baking.
30. Beach.  NOT the ocean.

So there ya have it!  30 things I love.  I did not go deep, but kept it short and sweet.  Have a great day!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine/Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was great!  Our Valentines celebration was on Friday and my birthday was on Monday so this was the weekend to celebrate both.  My husband and I haven’t been on a date since our anniversary in August, so it was way overdue.  Friday night my mother-in-law watched the boys while we went to dinner and a movie (my favorite kind of date).  We went to Blue Charcoal (a Brazilian restaurant) and saw American Sniper.  Such a good movie!  It was great to get away and recharge. 
We took Ryan’s Vette (our date car) and the sunset was so pretty…even in the city!  It’s so weird to drive without kids.

There are two things I’m obsessed with at these Brazilian restaurants…the Brazilian soda, Guarana and the cheese rolls.  So good!

Saturday morning (Valentine’s Day) it was just the boys and I since Ryan had a college game all day.  During Maddox’s morning nap, B and I played Chutes and Ladders while drinking coffee.  He kept begging me for coffee so I doctored up a cup for him.  He thought he was big stuff.  I love this guy!

Then this dude woke up…he’s laughing at Beckham.  Yes, we’re still rocking Christmas jammies. 

I decided to take them out to lunch so we could get out a bit.  It was GORGEOUS weather so we sat outside at Panera. The rest of the day we just hung out and relaxed.  

Sunday, the day before my actual birthday, my mom and dad had our whole family over to celebrate!  This is the same house I was brought home from the hospital to.  Haven’t known another house.  Even though they live relatively close, I love coming home.  My parents go BIG with parties since they’re so many of us and it’s always fun.   
Cookie cake is my favorite!  I was blown away with my gifts.  So many things to list, but my parents gave me two special things this year…they paid for B to go to a summer program one day a week this summer.  I’m blown away by that.  And my dad made such a special video of me playing soccer.  I posted it on my blog yesterday.  You can see it HERE.  After we celebrated at my parents house, my parents watched the boys at their house OVERNIGHT so we could have a birthday date night and I could sleep in the next day (Ryan had to go to work on Monday).  Lots of planning on my part, for Maddox especially, but it was worth it. 

Ryan and I drove around looking for a place to eat.  We hadn’t planned anything except that we were going to see the movie Gone Girl. We happened upon the most wonderful restaurant in Plano.  If you’re local, you really should try it out.  It’s called Taverna Rossa.  It’s a wood-fire grilled pizza place.  It was a bacon filled night.  I got pizza with veggies and bacon and a chocolate whiskey cake with cinnamon ice cream served over candied bacon.  Oh goodness!  It was all so good.  Our waitress was one of Ryan’s former students from his first year teaching.  She was so sweet and adorable.  I got my dessert free by the way since it was my birthday.  Wish I had a better picture of this food, but I feel like an idiot taking a picture of my food in public so I snapped it quick. :)

Popcorn is a must at the movie theater.  Why does it always taste so much better there?  Maybe I don’t want to know.  Gone Girl was really good.

We were driving home from the movie around midnight and I get this text. 

Logan is my younger brother.  My sister in law was due the 24th.  She had her first baby 16 days early so we figured she’d delivery before her due date, but it was still so exciting.  We had JUST seen her several hours earlier at my parents.  It was officially my birthday at midnight so I knew I’d have a birthday twin.  Funny thing is they had their first baby on my mom’s birthday, November 1.  I went to sleep around 2:00am and woke up at 8:30 to a text that said he was born at 3:19am.  Can you believe it?  Super fast!  She barely got an epidural.  Eek!

After all that excitement I wake up to this.  It took me a while to notice the “30”

I didn’t take any more photos after this except of my nephew so this was the rest of my birthday…

Showered in the morning…such a little detail, but such a HUGE thing that us mamas can understand.  I didn’t have to worry about anyone else that morning except for ME (remember, boys are at my mom’s still).  Drank my coffee and picked up a bit, read some blogs, and got ready.

My mom brings them back to our house to drop them off with my mother-in-law who watches them here.  My mom took me out to lunch downtown on the Square.  It was so fun!  After that we headed to the hospital to go meet my nephew!  How stinking cute is he?  His name is Nolan.  He was 6 pounds 9 ounces…such a tiny little thing.  I’m obsessed with tiny babies, especially considering I just gave birth to a toddler…haha just kidding.  But I’ve always loved little babies.  He’s absolutely perfect!  Him and Maddox will only be 7.5 months apart.


After that I ran some errands on the way home before I had some girls over to hang out.  I came home and Ryan was already there with the kids.  He took them to McDonald’s to eat and play while I cleaned and got ready.  He took care of the kids with baths, bed time and all, while the girls arrived, and didn’t ask me for one thing so I could fully enjoy hanging with my friends.  I was really impressed!  We had fajitas, chips and salsa, beeritas, and mini bundt cakes, while we watched The Bachelor.  It was a great ending to an amazing weekend!!! 

But wait, once all the girls left, Ryan gave me this gift inside my card…

This is the front of the card if you’re curious.  The quote at the top is an inside joke between my family.
This is just a key to show what the present WILL be, but now I’m on the hunt for the perfect car to buy asap!  I was a little confused, but he explained that all I have to do is pick out a car and we’ll go get it…well, you know, if it’s in our budget.  We had planned to get one, but way down the line when we had the money to buy it in cash, so I thought.  He has planned for it much earlier than I thought.  Sidenote:  Really important to buy your cars in cash if you can.  They’re one of the worst (and easiest) ways to ruin your financial freedom.  10 years since a new car.  Any suggestions?  We’re looking at an SUV.

It was a wonderful weekend and I'm always so amazed seeing the love around me.  I definitely felt special.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Who I Was Before "Adult" Life - Olivia O'Rear at SMU soccer

This past weekend was incredible!  Such a blessed birthday weekend, which I'll share more about tomorrow.  But one of my presents from my Dad was this awesome video of clips from my senior year of me scoring (along with some comments from reporters and my coach).  My parents went to EVERY game my senior year (home AND away) and my dad video taped every single game.  I LOVED this surprise gift!

So if you're curious what I was like before my "adult" married life...here it is!  This was a HUGE part of my life.

Click HERE to see the video.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites–This Week’s Randomness

It’s Friday…yay!  I usually don’t get excited about Fridays because Ryan is gone on these nights and has college games on Saturdays that are usually really far, so he’s gone all day.  But today, he’s taking off from reffing and taking me out for Valentine’s Day (he’s gone tomorrow).  We haven’t been on a date since our 7 year anniversary in August (at least that I can remember).  Maddox was too hard to leave these last few months, but we’re all good now. 

Then we celebrate my birthday on Sunday/Monday so I’m really excited for that as well!  It’s going to be a great weekend.  My brother and his wife are due with Baby #2 any day now (actually due at end of month, but I think he’ll come sooner).  He might even come this weekend, which might throw a kink in the Sunday celebration, but hello, my nephew would be even better to celebrate than my birthday, so I’m excited about anticipating that as well!

Here are some of my favorites right now.  Their just kind of random.

This kid.  He’s just part of my favorite moments during the day.  He’s an incredibly happy, easy 7 month old.

This has probably been one of my favorite items Beckham has brought home from preschool.  It’s so simple, but I loved reading his answers to the things he loves.  All of these answers are spot on.

I posted this on Instagram, but I have the utmost respect for police and gratitude towards their sacrifice.  Their job is one of the hardest in the world and they do not get enough credit.  There was a police car behind me in the Starbucks line the other day.  So I decided to buy his drink.  I’ve never done this before, but it did feel good to “give” a little.  Not gonna lie, I was really hoping he wasn’t buying coffees for tons of police at the station.  But I told myself, even if he was, it would have been worth it and paled in comparison to what they do for us!  Interesting fact: I’ve never been pulled over by police!  #imknockingonwood #iwouldbreakoutinhives #andcry

A friend of mine from back when I played club soccer (over 15 years ago) came to Dallas and we had a play date so our boys could meet and we could hang out (she has another boy but he’s off to the side).  Her hubby is in the military so she’s staying here a while.  I haven’t seen her in those 15 years and it was like we didn’t miss a beat…it was like hanging out with a friend I see all the time!  They stayed all day and it was great.  I love that and can’t wait to soak in some more play dates before she goes back.  I also love that the weather has been great (as seen in this pic). 

I loved how easy and inexpensive Beckham’s Valentine’s goodies were.  Total cost was $5.00 for bubbles and candy.  I put them in a Ziploc snack bag and staples a fun tag on them. 

We plan on lounging in our pj’s all morning, then heading to the park for lunch and maybe the library later.  A perfect day before our night out as husband and wife and not mommy and daddy.  :)

I'm linking up with ErikaAndrea and Narci for Friday Favorites, as well as Astleigh from Hill Collection.  My favorites are really random today!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Blackout Curtains

DIY curtains

When I was designing Maddox’s nursery I knew I’d want blackout curtains and I wanted them to be white.  Let me tell you that they were impossible to find.  They were either too sheer, an off white, or patterned.  I just couldn’t find anything.  I bought some, returned some, and finally realized I was going to have to find someone to sew material to white curtains (I do NOT sew whatsoever). 

Then I learned that you can buy the blackout material by itself and there were curtain hooks with clips on them.  Forget sewing!  So I headed out to Target to find the perfect white curtains.  Then I went to JoAnn’s Fabric store and asked the lady for some blackout material.  I measured the curtains beforehand and had her cut it to fit both curtains.  I did have a little extra material on the sides because of the width that it came in, but no big deal, I just trimmed it off. 

I decided I was going to clip the two materials (curtains and blackout material) together with these curtain hooks.  No sewing needed.  Can I get an amen?!  The best part of this method is that I can take away the blackout material if I want to use the curtains in another room with or without the blackout material. 
Signature Series Clip Rings, , hi-res
I can’t remember the exact costs, but it was around $100.
-Blackout Material – $20
-Hooks – $20
-Curtains – $60 ($30 each)...we had to buy the longest curtains because it's a huge window, which are the most expensive.

A little bit more than I wanted to spend, but I honestly can’t say I regret it at all.  I LOVE the curtains!!!

Here are some pictures that will help give a visual of the curtains.


They stay closed majority of the time because he's only in there to sleep right now (which is majority of his day) and it is SOOO dark in there during the day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February Life Lately (Part 1)

February is flying by!  It’s been a great month so far!  I haven’t taken many pictures, but here’s what we’ve been up to lately via the camera roll.

On the 1st (Sunday) we went to a late lunch after lounging around the house in our pj’s all morning (we went to church the night before so we had no agenda this Sunday).  We ate at a local restaurant in our downtown with the best pie.  Funny note…we had a Groupon to this place for $40 and we were literally finding things to order to come up with $40.  It was fun to “splurge” and get drinks, appetizers, a full meal for B, AND desserts for EACH of us.  It reminded me how frugal we are when dining out.

We came home and played in a box.  This might be Maddox’s favorite toy so far in his life! 

Monday we met some friends at the NEATEST place called Play Street Museum.  It was worth every penny.  It’s small and closed in so you don’t have to worry about losing your kid or trying to find them.  I literally talked with my friends (and held Maddox) for over 2 hours.  I had to drag (literally) B out of that place.  I definitely plan to re-visit this place.  If you’re local, I’d highly recommend it.  Probably suits 1-6 year olds best.  Here are some more pictures.


I FINALLY got around to making some food for Maddox while B was at school.  I made all of B’s food so I’ve felt horrible having only started this at 7 months.  Problem is, he doesn’t like it compared to the jar food.  Awesome!  Jar food it is for now.

Yuck mom!

But celery sticks make the perfect teether! 

His afternoon nap always gets messed up on preschool days.  Here he was asleep on me for 15 minutes while I watched TV, before we had to get B from school.  I don’t sit down much and I never watch TV during the day, so this was so relaxing…brought back memories of having one kiddo.

This is how I eat dinner most nights.  On the floor.  In 5 minutes.

This kid came out of his room with a hat and glasses.  He cracks me up these days!


Beckham on the other hand, liked his dinner.  Chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, and green beans.

Last Saturday I sent this to Ryan of “our morning” and he replied, “Oh another full cup of coffee to set in the sink.”  Haha…when drinking coffee at home, I take forever and then end up never having a chance to drink it.  B was finishing his show and M had just finished his bottle and was playing with who knows what.

After Maddox took a nap we headed out for the day.  I grabbed a coffee and enjoyed it on our drive over to my parent’s neck of the woods.

First we went to Lakeshore (a learning store) to complete their weekend craft.  Before we made it to the craft table, he found the books and stayed here a really long time reading all the dinosaur books. 

Maddox and I hung out while we waited for him to finish.

IMG_9843  Then he found the kitchen and played here another 10 minutes.

We finally made it to the craft!  They were making coupon holders for Valentine’s.  They had other crafts for older kids.  He loved squirting ALL the glitter glue on his paper.

After the craft, we “had” to go back to the kitchen and books section.  M joined the fun.  We went to my parents afterwards and hung out there the rest of the day (Ryan was out of town)…the weather was GORGEOUS so we spent time outside.

On Sunday we went to church and then out to eat.  B jumps off the back of the car every Sunday after church. 

After naps (we ALL took a nap) little bit played in his box!  I tell ya, this thing is great.

We had small group for church last night so we headed to the park!  It was absolutely beautiful outside.  The park was PACKED!

After dinner, baths, and a trip to the grocery store by myself, I came home and Ryan was reading this book (he thought I was a weirdo for snapping this pic).  But I realized this is why he sets our finances up so well…he reads books like this and learns so many ways to handle our money.  We were reading some crazy stats in this book.  For example, “75% of Americans can expect to see their assets disappear before they die. And the social security safety net – if it survives into the next generation – won’t provide a reasonable standard of living on its own.”  And it talked about how the average time of retirement used to be 12 years, now it’s closer to 20 and approaching 30 because people are living longer and retiring earlier.  I always ask Ryan “How do other people afford to buy big houses and cars and everything else” (while having a pity party for myself) and then when I read these stats I see why…majority of them are not saving for retirement.  Another quote from this book said that “48% of all working Americans haven’t even calculated how much they will need for retirement.”  And “more than a third of workers have less than $1000 saved up for retirement, while 60% have less than $25,000.”  These stats comfort me, but also make me nervous for the future America.  Anyway, long story longer, I love how this guy provides so well for his family...even if I give him a hard time sometimes.

We had a great weekend and I am REALLY looking forward to this weekend…it’s my birthday weekend and we get to go on our first date since our anniversary in August!